Fun Stuff


I like music, both for listening and for making. I play violin, mandolin, and flute, and I also sing. When in Ottawa I sometimes attend the Ottawa Song Circle.

I scanned the opera intitulata Fontegara of Ganassi; it has no copyright due to its age, so you can freely distribute it.

I’ve made some new lyrics.


Languages are quite interesting. I can communicate in English and French, and have also studied Esperanto, German, Classical Latin, and Classical Greek.

I have also learned quite a few complete computer languages. These include C, C++, Octave, Matlab, Lambda MOO, BASIC, Perl, Postscript, AppleScript, HyperCard, Pascal, csh, sh, and LogoWriter. Not all of these are much use, admittedly.

I have rudimentary knowledge of HTML, but it is not a complete language — it lacks looping, I/O, and other features. Note that Postscript is complete.


As mentioned above, I have been involved with the Ottawa Space Simulation, but my interest in space started long before that. I am greatly bothered that the United States spends about $400 billion dollars each year on military expenditures (despite the end of the USA/USSR cold war), and yet it is a considerable loss to NASA when two relatively inexpensive Mars probes are destroyed. That’s less than 1% of the military budget. For another biting comparison, every Hollywood movie has a budget far in excess of the cost of these probes.

The human race needs something to do. Making wealth is ultimately a hollow pursuit. Space exploration and scientific enlightenment is a worthwhile goal.


I made a stuffed animal of my own design — an ant. The sewing pattern and instructions are here.

I have taken some photos.

Fractals are groovy.

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