Stuffed Animal Ant Pattern

To make the stuffed animal ant, first download and print the pattern, available in optimised Postscript or PDF format.

Photo of the ant

Figure 1: The ant


In the patterns the dashed lines are where you should sew. Solid lines indicate where you should cut.

The ant is formed out of a sequence of “cones,” most of which have the tip cut off.

Diagram of the ant

Figure 2: Location of pieces

Main Body

The first page contains the pattern for the legs, teeth, eyes, and antennae. Put it aside for now. First we want to build the body.

I made the body out of black synthetic fleece. If you use thick fleece or fur you should leave a larger seam allowance. Cut out each piece, and sew the two straight lines together. Each piece in this way becomes a cone.


The legs and eyes are made of a thin, shiny material.

Legs Detail

Figure 3: Detail of legs


This figure shows the details of the face.

Eyes Detail

Figure 4: Detail of face

It’s a little disturbing, perhaps, but my nephew liked the ant when he was very small because he could grip it.

human baby holding stuffed ant

Figure 5: Babies like things to hold

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