I’ve written a song or two.

The Work of The Hackers

To the tune of “The Work of The Weavers”, Scottish traditional. Chords taken from Rise Up Singing.

We’ve all met together here to sit and to hack

Glasses full of caffeine, a keyboard in each lap,

Documentation printed, a copy of the FAQ,

On these depend the work of the hacker.

G - C G / - - C D / G - C G / - - D G

If it wasn’t for the hacker, where would you be?

You wouldn’t have a kernel, written carefully in C,

You wouldn’t have your data, organized in a B-tree,

if it wasn’t for the work of the hacker.

G D Em Bm / C G C D / " / " /

There’s coders and debuggers, documenters and all,

GPL creators, to protect our work by law,

Email interaction with friends we never saw,

On these depend the work of the hacker.

The hacking’s a trade that ever will be found,

As long as we need code to make the world go ’round.

So let us pause and listen to the keyboards’ clacking sound,

And contribute to the work of the hacker.

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