GramoFile Commandline

Compiling gramofile.tar.bz2 will generate gramofindtracks and gramoprocess. These are used by lptracks to split and clean WAV files before turning into OGG or MP3 files. Run lptracks file1.trk file2.trk .... Here is an example TRK file:

WAV = doors1
ALBUM = Greatest_Hits
ARTIST = The_Doors
TRACKS = Hello, I Love You::Light My Fire::People are Strange::Love Me Two Times::Riders on the Storm

The parser is pretty stupid; line breaks matter, albums and artists can’t have spaces. Remove the MONO for stereo disks (i.e. usually). You’d need to edit lptracks to get it to generate MP3 files.

Someday I will clean this up, but it works for me.

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