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Instructions for submitting homework

Please indicate your name on the N^th homework assignment as: Your_Last Name_EC500_16_HW_N.pdf

Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Assignment 3

Week 4: Nothing to hand in. Review Hille Chap 1 and Chap 10. Next class will resume with derivation of Nernst Equation (Maxwell Boltzman Eq).If you wish, review "combinatorics" as in combinatorics and derivation of Maxwell Boltzman, but otherwise no need to do this review, as I will present background material in class.

Assignment 4

Assignment 5

Assignment 6

Assignment 7 alpha.m beta.m

Assignment 8 hh_squid_stub.m

Assignment 9 CableMNA_stuba.m

Assignment 10 ode_homework_stub.m Pospischil(2008) Paper

Assignment 11 code and figure izhikevich2003 paper

Assignment 12

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