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CN580 Fall 2010 Calendar and Syllabus

The following link to the pdf version syllabus for CN580[http://cns.bu.edu/~eric/syllabus_580 is for reference only, and is being updated in a "rolling" fashion with respect to the current weekly lecture as described on the wiki. The material on this wiki is primary, so if there is a disagreement between the wiki and the pdf syllabus, the wiki has priority. Please inform me of any major discrepencies.

Lecture Timeline and History 2010



Week1: Sept. 8

Course Overview and intro to term Computational Neuroscience

Week2: Sept. 15

Lecture 1 up to beginning of Operational Amplifier Circuits

Week3: Sept. 22

Finish Lecture 1. Begin Lecture 2, review of calculus of variations. Start K&S Chapters

Week4: Sept. 29

Finish Lecture 2. Begin Lecture 3 Nernst-Planck, Diffusion-Drift Anatomy

Week5: Oct. 6

Begin Lecture 3 Nernst-Planck, Diffusion-Drift

Week 7: Oct. 20

Mid Term

Nov. 24

No Class, Thanksgiving

Week13: Dec. 8

Last Class

Dec. 15

Final Exam in ClassRoom

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