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Describe LECTURE HISTORY AND TIMELINE: Spring 2016 here.


EC500 Spring 2016 Calendar and Syllabus

Spring 2016

Lecture Timeline and History Spring 2016






Week 1

Jan 21 2016

Course Outline and Organization, Review of Basics

Completed Introduction, Neuron Eq. Circuit, MNA method outlined

Overview and Introduction, Lecture 2

Week 2

Jan 28 2016

Capacitive Circuits, Op Amps, MNA theory for reactive circuits

Completed RC circuits, Op Amp applications, Voltage Clamp, Reactive MNA algorithm

Lecture 2

Week 3

Feb 4 2016

Overview of Brain, behaviour and neurons

Completed Kandel-Schwartz chapters and overview of Cortical topography

Lecture 3

Week 4

Feb 11 2016

Nernst Equation, thermodynamics and information theory

Reviewed Hille Chap 1, Chap. 10 Begin Nernst/Maxwell Boltzman Eqns.

Lecture 4

Week 5

Feb 18 2016

Nernst and Nernst Planck Equation

Completed Maxwell Boltzman and Nernst derivations and Nernst applications. Begin Nernst-Planck

Lecture 5

Week 6

Feb 25 2016

Nernst-Planck and Goldman Equations, ion channels, synaptic transmission

Finish Diffusion Eqn and NernstPlanck. Integrating factor for Goldman Equation

Lecture 5

Week 7

March 3 2016

Goldman Equations, Applications, ion channels, synaptic transmission

Derived Goldman GCE,GVE. Applications to action potential, Na/K pump

Lecture 5

Week 8

Mar 10 2016

No Class Spring Break

Week 9

Mar 3 2016

Mid Term in Class Room (1.5 hour) and then Goldman Equations

Goldman Current Eqn Kinetics for HH

Mid Term Exam

Week 10

Mar 17 2016

Beginning Hodgkin Huxley Theory

Outline of Hodgkin Huxley Theory

Lecture 6

Week 11

Mar 24 2016

Hodgkin Huxley Theory and Cable Theory

Cable Theory and Units for Compartmental Modeling

Lecture 6

Week 12

Mar 31 2016

Compartmental Modeling

Matlab, MNA Approach to Compartmental Modeling

Lecture 7

Week 13

Apr 7 2016

Beyond HH -Exotic HH like currents, methods of solving ODE systems


Lecture 7

Week 14

Apr 14 2016

Linear and quadratic integrate and fire, Dynamical Systems Approach to HH Theory, Phase plane analysis

vdp oscillator, phase plane, fitzhugh nagumo

Lecture 8

Week 15

Apr 21 2016

Simulators, Genesis, Neuron

Genesis, Neuron, began discussion of neural coding

Lecture 8

Week 16

Apr 28 2016

Supra-Neuronal Architecture: Topographic Maps and Columns

Reviewed Eqn's of CNS from wiki, previewed columnar architecturs V1

Lecture 9

Week 17

May 5 2016

Final Exam in Class Room

Completion Status TBD

Final Exam

2016-12-13 18:05