Justin, Mike, and Gordy's Beantown Adventure (May 23-25)

Here are the pictures I took. I finally got them developed and scanned.

This one is in front of a fountain at the Esplenade on the Charles River.  Note the subtle use of shading and light by the photographer.

The Beatific Gordon Zubrod leads us to the Promised Land, flowing with milk and honey (that is, the Promised Land is flowing, not Gordy).

We went up the John Hancock Tower to get a better view of the city.  There, Justin reenacted a famous scene from the movie Titanic.  Shimkus declined the part of Leonardo DiCaprio in this scene.  Pity.

 See this location from above!  (Find your own satellite photo at terraserver.microsoft.com).

On Sunday we took a ferry toGeorges Island , location of Fort Warren, where we skipped rocks.  That's the Boston skyline in the background.  Second tall shadow from the left is (I think) the John Hancock Tower.

Justin took the opportunity to conduct a demonstration of tides.  The concept of tides is demonstrated in the following pictures:

High tide (note the bricks):


Low tide (Ah, science at work.  Unfortunately I didn't record the exact interval between these pictures.  Let's call it some time dt ~ 1.5 hours ).  Note the UFO skillfully captured on film.  It would swoop around, suddenly stop, and then fly in the opposite direction, unlike any aircraft I've ever seen.  That makes this picture doubly scientific.  If you don't believe me about the UFO and think it's probably, say, a conventional passenger airplane about to land at Logan Airport, I'll just have to make the picture grainier.  And we don't want that, now do we?

Georges Island is the location of Fort Warren, which was one of the all-important island forts protecting Boston Harbor.

Shimkus's sunglasses are so huge I can see them from here.  Note the great job the photographer does of framing his subjects so they aren't dwarfed by the surrounding scenery.


Here's another view of Boston (and another on of them pesky UFOs) from atop Fort Warren.

A view of the water from the Fort Warren back door.  I was watching a special on ESPN2 about Walter Iooss, Jr. (the sports photographer) a few weeks ago.  This view reminded me of that standard NFL Films shot where the gladiators (football players) are emerging from the tunnel onto the playing field, with the shadows in the foreground and brightness in the distance.

Gordy and Shimkus running to catch the boat off the island (not really, I just had to give them an excuse for running to see Justin).

Here are the pictures just before they left in Justin's new white chariot (pictured) so I could use up this roll of film.



 See 12 Feneno Terrace from above!

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