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I. Belgian beguinages

II. History, life, spirituality

III. Beatrice of Nazareth

life and context

7 Manners


recent changes







Daily life




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Beguines in house-dress (at the St. Elisabeth beguinage in Ghent) 

(left: aquarelle on paper by Louis De Clerq, after Leon de Vlaming, around 1806; in: Mestdach, 170 / right: "habijt Ordinaire"; in: Van Mechelen, p.15)

detail from postcard of beguinage in St. Amandsberg



(Engraving of a beguine from the Mansell Collection. Source: Wade Labarge, Margaret, Small Sound of the Trumpet, Women in Medieval Life, Boston, Beacon Press, p.118)

dress5.jpg (78532 bytes)A beguine from the St. Elisabeth beguinage in Ghent "gaende door de Stad" (walking through the city). Black habit with raised skirt and black apron. The white hood is covered by a black "kaproen" (over-hood?), which is a large black piece of cloth that reaches to the waist and stands out a bit at the sides of the head.  (aquarelle on paper by Louis De Clerq; BUG, no. G 21946, De Clerq, Louis, Costumen der Religieusen ordens, en Geestelijke Vergaderingen, die binnen de stad geweest zijn, by gevoegt hunne wapens, Benevens eene Korte beschrijvinge van den tijd hunde Stigtinge, en vernietinge, 1810; in: Mestdach, p.172)

Cf. also these beguines in the 16th century painting



Ceremonial dress

dress7.jpg (20898 bytes)

First picture: "Beguine with ceremonial mantle and gray habit for feastdays, days of the Blessed Virgin, and according to the old custom". (source: Van Mechelen, p.14). Other two from postcard of St Amandsberg.


????Processional dress????

dress13.jpg (64445 bytes)

detail and thumbnail to entire postcard of a harvest ("halfoogst") procession


Novice dress

A novice in ordinary dress. (source: Van Mechelen, p.14)

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