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I. Belgian beguinages

II. History, life, spirituality

III. Beatrice of Nazareth

life and context

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Above: the original  volume, from around 1350, with Hadewijch's entire work: the cover is of red calf leather on oak boards, both covers are decorated with four panel stamps. (Hs. Ghent, UB, 941, cover; source: Hogenelst and Van Oostrom, p.146)


hadewijch2.jpg (194673 bytes)Hadewijch's first poem in stanza's, which begins with: "Ay, al es nu die winter cout, cort die daghe ende die nachte langhe", "Ah, though now the winter is cold, the days short and the night long..." (Hs. Ghent, UB, 941, f.49r.; source: Hogenelst and Van Oostrom, p.139)



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Left: Hadewijch's 45th poem in stanza's: "Ay, in welken soe verbaert die tijt", "???????". (Hs. Ghent, UB, 941, f.71r.; source: Hogenelst and Van Oostrom, p.140).  Right: the melody of this poem, the Mariae praeconio. (Hs. Utrecht, UB, 417, f.55v-56r.; source: Hogenelst and Van Oostrom, p.140)

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Hadewijch's "List of the Perfect" in which she mentions (in the red frame and cutout) "Een beghine die meest robbaert doedte om hare gherechte minne", "a beguine killed by  master robbaert because of her sincere love". (Hs. Ghent, UB, 941, f.20v.; source: Hogenelst and Van Oostrom, p. 138)