• Hari's paper wins "Best BME Student paper, 2014" award!
  • December 2014 Barb elected to ARO Council as Editor
  • December 2014 New NIH grant officially starts
  • December 2014 The day-and-a-half-long Multisensory Summit is held at BU (with Bob Sekuler)
  • November 2014 Binaural Bash madness! Great talks by Hannah, Inyong, Le, and Hari
  • November 2014 SfN taken by storm, thanks to Inyong, Wei, Ross, (and Barb)
  • November 2014 Barb goes to Oldenburg for the Hearing4all board meeting, and to present at their annual conference
  • November 2014 Hari's paper on hidden hearing loss in press at J Neurocience
  • October 2014 ASA in Indianapolis is a reunion, at the special one-day-long session that KC and Erick put on (yay!)
  • October 2014 Axelle Calcus, Brigitta Toth, & Alessandro Tavano get Erasmus Mundus grants to come to the ANL next year
  • October 2014 Nothing like visiting Long Island for the ASA Officers and Managers meeting
  • September 2014 Awesome visit to the Northeast Ohio Medical University!
  • July 2014 The women at the HERS academia leadership training course were amazing
  • May 2014 ASA in Providence sees Barb start her term as VP, and a ton of lab presentations
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Women of the Acoustical Society of America.