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Barbara Shinn-Cunningham
Laboratory Director
shinn @

auditory attention in normal and special populations, binaural and spatial hearing, subcortical and cortical sound processing, multi-sensory attention networks
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Scott Bressler
Senior Research Engineer
bressler @

communication impairments in mild traumatic brain injury and blast exposure
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Lenny Varghese
Senior Post Doc
lennyv @

auditory memory, measures of subcortical auditory coding, negating very cool hypotheses
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Le Wang
Research Engineer
lwang @

mismatch negativity in autistic and normally developing individuals, subcortical coding of binaural stimuli, binaural modeling
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Lorraine Delhorne
Senior Research Scientist
delhorne @

subject screening and management
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Vibha Viswanathan
Research Assistant
vibha.viswana @

network analysis of selective auditory attention to speech
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Axelle Calcus
Post Doc
acalcus @

physiological correlates of segregation and selection in "informational masking"
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Marissa Gamble
Post Doc
mlgamble @

physiological measures of selective attentional processes in audition
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Samantha Michalka
Post Doc
samanthamihalka @

visual and auditory attention networks, applying neuroscience to learning technologies
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Abby Noyce
Post Doc
anoyce @

comparisons of working memory and attention in vision and audition
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Darrin Reed
Post Doc
darrinkreed @

role of temporal coherence and spatial cues in segregation
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Brigi Toth
Post Doc
brigitta @

physiological measures of streaming
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Ross Williamson (with mentor Dan Polley)
Post Doc
ross_williamson @

task-dependent modulation of multi sensory representations in the thalamus
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Sara Beach
PhD rotation student, Harvard Medical School
beach @

physiological and perceptual measures of learning to direct attention
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Dana Boebinger
PhD rotation student, Harvard Medical School
dlboebinger @

physiological and perceptual measures of learning to direct attention
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Lia Bonacci
PhD student, Biomedical Engineering
liab @

network connectivity and control in auditory attention and attention switching
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Marcos Cantu
PhD student, Graduate Program for Neuroscience
cantu @

providing spatial cues from sound mixtures
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Lengshi Dai
PhD student, Biomedical Engineering
ldai @

cortical and subcortical differences in hearing in listeners with elevated and normal thresholds
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Yuqi Deng
PhD student, Biomedical Engineering
vydeng @

network connectivity and control in auditory attention and attention switching
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Gerard Encina Llamas
visiting PhD student
encina @

modeling and measuring brainstem coding fidelity in individual listeners
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Wei Guo (with mentor Dan Polley)
PhD student, Cognitive and Neural Systems
weiguo @

mechanisms of plasticity underlying auditory learning in forebrain
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Jasmine Kwasa
PhD student, Biomedical Engineering
jkwasa @

selective and divided attention in ADHD across sensory modalities
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Sophie Schwarz
PhD student, Graduate Program in Neuroscience
schwart2 @

auditory processing in complex scenes in listeners with autism
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Liz Chen
Part-time research assistant
eschen11 @

measuring hidden hearing loss using physiological and behavioral measures
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Damian Liu
HS student, Boston University Academy
damianrliu @

physiological and perceptual measures of individual differences in visual color perception