“I don’t have autism. I am just old.” BGSC 4/29/16
… pause… “Yeah, that’s true.” HB 4/29/16

"We should do sparse. F*** it." BGSC 12/13/14

"... slutty neurons." ER 12/11/14

"It's kind of like an appendix. It just doesn't matter." LV 10/14/14

"FFTfilt changed my life." LV 10/10/14
"Matlab is more important than anything else... in graduate school." IC 10/10/14

"We are better. But he is very nice." IC 9/2/14

"It is science. It doesn't have to be colorful." HG 8/4/14

"You know why I like speech? Because it's a one dimensional turd." LV 6/2/14

"Huh. I wonder if we can make gravity work." HB 5/19/14

"Because negative is actually positive!" BGSC 5/19/14

"I just have varying levels of crap for each of my posters." LV 4/30/14

"Is it failing?" SB 4/8/14
"Well, it isn't succeeding." HG 4/8/14

"Wait! I need experiment advice!" GM 4/2/14
"Do something different." LV 4/2/14

"... tastes like a bandaid." SB 3/21/14
"But a bandaid is nice!" IC 3/21/14

"This is the first run-through. Even in my head." HB 3/18/14

"Did you do the sleep experiment?" BGSC 3/6/14
"Yes. By accident." HB 3/6/14
"I volunteer for the sleeping part." SB 3/6/14

"Now I'll present something that is a first for this lab. Something that works." LV 2/19/14

"You look like some rapper." BGSC 1/22/14
"MC Bharadwaj." IC 1/22/14

"It may not be true." BGSC 1/10/14
"So what?!?"
RS 1/10/14

"How are you feeling?" BGSC 1/7/14
"S***." LV 1/7/14

"choi = Channel of Interest. It makes sense, right?" IC 12/17/13

"I would recommend it." HB 12/10/13

"All these things are affected by many other things: temperature..." RM 11/7/13

"Something to do with electrical engineering." RM 11/7/13

"Why don't you just put in something more complex?" GM 10/30/13

"OK. What I'll do is run some sort of experiment." GM 10/30/13

"Before we dismiss ourselves..." LW 10/28/13

"It just takes a shot of tequila." SP 10/17/13

"If I get in, I'll go. Otherwise, I'll get married." SM 10/4/13

"[long explanation] Got it?" SM 10/3/13
… long pause… "Could you repeat that?" GM 10/3/13

"I'll talk about backup… after I finish my chicken." LV 10/3/13

"That's really cool." SM 7/17/13

"No. I just don't like people." LV 3/27/13

"I have a couple of sources." SB 3/6/13

"I'm only doing behavioral experiments." VL 2/27/13
LV 2/27/13

"I guess if you're going to do binaural then you need two." SV 2/6/13

"On Saturday, we did some filtering." CP 1/28/13

"It is cute when we try to do science properly." LV 1/16/13

"I am a grad student. I made the king of all bad life choices." LV 7/19/12

"Diotic is less boring than monaural." SV 6/14/12

"These are things I didn't want to think about just yet." SV 6/14/12

"I can give it to you in a nutshell. Everything looks like sh**." LV 3/28/12

"Bring your own broccoli (BYOB)." IC 9/13/11

"Remind me not to attend meetings with a***oles." BGSC 5/2/11

I was just thinking slightly about one thing." HB 4/28/11

"It is really simple." HB 3/7/11

"Seems to me that a lot of research is just a popularity contest." MC 2/2/11
"... [research] is a beauty contest!" VB 2/2/11

"Good luck with that." LV 6/1/10

"If you pay me, I'll do just about anything." DR 9/25/09

"I volunteer to be the floor." SR 4/10/09

"I think the scientific rigor thing kinda sucks." DR 9/19/08

"I just started thinking a half hour ago." SS 6/15/07

"At first, it was like, 'well, duh,' but now the 'duh' factor is reduced." SB 9/26/06