Robert Wagner

Department of Cognitive and Neural Systems

Boston University
677 Beacon St.
Boston, MA 02215

Phone: (617) 353-6426
Fax: (617) 353-7755 


My current research interest is in real-time active vision.  Active vision systems require the use of efficient attentional operators for gaze control.  To gain insight into developing active vision algorithms, it is useful to study biological visual systems.  One such insight taken from the higher vertebrate visual systems is that they are space-variant.  In machine vision, space-variant image architectures provide a mechanism for data reduction and the possibility of real-time performance.

The main application of this research is face detection and tracking on a three degree of freedom stereo active vision system.  The attentional operators that are exploited fall along the visual dimensions of motion, color, depth and shape.  These operators are combined to locate and track the face.

In addition to this research, I am also interested in computer graphics and animation, as well as code optimization techniques.

Keywords: Primate vision, Real-time machine vision, Robotics.


    Color Tracking

    Face Detection

    Face Tracking

    Face Recognition

    Disparity Maps

    Optical Flow



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