Arash Yazdanbakhsh



Research Assistant Professor

Center for Computational Neuroscience and Neural Technology

Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences

Boston University

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Research Interests

My research in the Vision Lab in CompNet and Cognitive and Neural Systems, connected with CELEST includes:


- Motion integration by multiscale sampling: a solution to the aperture problem


- Figure-ground segregation by multiscale sampling: this and the above rely on fast brain inter-areal connections




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- Three cortical models to approach brightness-related precepts, with Bo Cao




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- A new cortical model to approach to the problem of figure-ground segregation, and border-ownership with Oliver Layton



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- An approach using Differential Geometry to introduce the 3D aperture problem for the phenomena which cannot be explained by the classical aperture problem




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- Induced motion with emphasis on the frame of reference with Jasmin Léveillé


- Induced motion and motion assimilation in depth


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- Psychophysics: measurement of perceptive fields as an estimate to receptive fields with Simone Gori



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- Electrophysiology: spike triggered cross-correlation with single unit recording, spatio-temporal dynamics of receptive fields


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- Neural modeling: dynamical Systems approach, more in my PhD time webpage with Baktash Babadi



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