CN 530: Neural and Computational Models of Vision -- Spring, 2017


This course explores the psychological, biological, mathematical and computational foundations of visual perception. Lectures and readings combine with simulation and essay assignments to provide a self-contained examination of core issues in early and middle visual processing. Mathematically specified neural and computational models elucidate the structure and dynamics of the mammalian visual system. Emphasis is placed on understanding the psychophysics and physiology of mammalian vision, both as a means of better understanding our own human intelligence, and as a foundation for tomorrow's machine vision architectures and algorithms.


Meets on Mon and Wed, 10:10 - 11:55 AM. Lecture room is in PSY B35 (64-86 Cummington Mall Boston, MA).

Prerequisites: CN 510, PS 212, NE 204, MA 665/666 or consent of instructor, Arash Yazdanbakhsh


Course syllabus


Simulation Assignment 1


Simulation Assignment 2


Simulation Assignment 3


Simulation Assignment 4


Study Guide


Lecture notes in PDF format are available for downloading the week prior to each session. Notes are created from Powerpoint files, and contain occasional glitches from animations, etc. If you want copies of the original .ppt files, please contact 


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